Monday, April 6, 2015

Trials for Gronkcon

Hello there,

                  My name is James, I'm a long term fantasy player who, thanks to the Western Warriors, has finally been introduced to the tournament world. My first tournament was The Sydney Slaughter using my Undead Legions list.
I am here today to talk about Gronkcon,

For this tournament i have decided to use my skaven force.
and have had a trial game with a wood-elf army with only dryads, tree kin, tree men, and giant eagles.
whilst this is not my final list for the tournament (lots of tweeking to be done)this was my list

New Roster (2699pts)

Skaven - Army Book (2013-4) -V8.7.7. (Standard) (2699pts)

  • (No Category) (272pts)

    • Giant Rats (272pts)

      33x Giant Rats, Packmaster, Packmaster, Packmaster, Packmaster
      • Packmaster

        • Packmaster Skweel Gnawtooth

          AB - Warp-lash
      • Packmaster

        Master Moulder
  • Lords (1013pts)

    • Queek Headtaker (215pts)

      AB - Dwarf Gouger, AB - Warp-shard Armour
    • Ratstail the Dread - Grey Seer (540pts)

      Screaming Bell, Warpstone Tokens (FAQ'ed)
      • Magic Items and Scavenge-pile items

        BRB - Fozzirik's Folding Fortress
      • Wizard Level 4

        Skaven Spells of Ruin and/or Plague
    • Squeak The Flesheater - Warlord (258pts)

      Rat Ogre Bonebreaker, Shield
      • Magic Items and Scavenge-pile items

        AB - Blade of Corruption (FAQ'ed), BRB - Obsidian Lodestone, BRB - Potion of Speed, Poisoned Attacks (FAQ'ed)
  • Heroes (65pts)

    • Getafix the Potion Brewer - Warlock Engineer (65pts)

      • Magic Items and Scavenge-pile items

        AB - Skavenbrew (FAQ'ed)
  • Core (682pts)

    • Pushers of the Bell - Clanrats (145pts)

      Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer
      • 25x Clanrats

        25x Shields, 25x Spears
    • Queek's Stormvermin (493pts)

      Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer
      • 39x Stormvermin

        39x Shields
    • Underclaw slaves - Skavenslaves (44pts)

      Champion, 20x Skavenslaves
  • Special (192pts)

    • Gutter Runners (192pts)

      Champion, Hand Weapon + Snare-net
      • 10x Gutter Runners

        10x Poisoned Attacks, 10x Slings
  • Rare (475pts)

    • BIGBADABOOM - Warp Lightning Cannon (90pts)

    • Fluffy - Hell Pit Abomination (235pts)

    • ZZZZZAPPP-a-GAP - Doomwheel (150pts)

The scenario we played was Dawn Attack, with the table quarters giving 2 victory pts per quarter 10 pts if the whole table is controlled by one player.
after a sum-what unfavoured deployment, i was able to steal the initiative and take the first turn (sneaky vermin)
with a solid march of my hordes and Fluffy getting right across the table I was pretty happy with my advancements,
in the magic phase i rolled a solid 8 power-dice(6+2) yet the trees managed to tame some of the winds of magic and successfully channelled one extra dice giving them a nasty 7 dispell-dice 
Casting howling warp-gale with my grey-seer stopped the giant eagle from getting behind me on turn 1 as the spell was ignored by the tree-folk,
followed up by a warp lightning into the farthest eagle causing 2 wounds, however thanks to the toad branch (Sivejir's Hex Scroll witch they are allowed to have in this tournament) my wizard was turned into a toad!!!!!!


Shooting was next and thanks to my warp lightning cannon i was able to kill 5 dryads and a whole tree-man in a strength 6 shot(d6 wounds). witch put me into a rather good mood for my turn 1.

The tree-men retaliated charging my hell-pit with the tree-kin but alas only got 13 attacks and 2 wounds thanks to Fluffy's Regen :) and lost 6 wounds to the hell-pit, holding on there stubborn 10 Ld, in his magic phase with the only 4 dice in his pool he cast the Dwellers Below with irresistible force killing only 5 clan-rats,but my wizard being a toad had no hope to survive and perished to the spell.

In my turn 2 (and all other turns after) I forgot to roll for my gutter-runners, but I have learnt that lesson now!
charging the still engaged tree-kin with my bell unit in the flank I felt victory was all but assured, My warlord issued a challenge and was answered by the unit champion, only to be cut down by my warlord breaking the unit. however i was unable to catch them as they fled through a building and tree-man and ended up one inch on the other side .



 With a successful charge by Queeks Storm-vermin and Gnawtooths Giant-rats i was feeling rather solidly about a victory.
Queeks unit having drunk the potion and received Rabid result were fighting with +2 attacks slaying a lot of the dyads till they Broke and fled only to be cut down by the fast rat-men who over ran into the horde behind.Who broke in the following turn on a test getting 11 when they were stubborn 10, much to my opponents dismay. Queeks Storm-vermin were unable to catch them but charged them in there turn forcing the unit to flee off the board. giving me a table quarter

Gnawtooths rats were not as fortunate only rolling +1 attack on there mutations they did not have the holding power i wanted and they flead to there deaths as the treekin stomped them flat overrunning to my deployment zone giving him a table quarter.

After 5 turns we called it quits all together deciding on a draw, with 2 Tournament points each and loads of ideas on gow to make my list work better.

hope you have enjoyed my first addition to Garagehammers blogs


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