Thursday, July 23, 2015

Warzone, A very Imperial update

It's been a little while since my last update. In this time I may have been quiet, but I have not been inactive.

Most of my time has been spent playing and hobbying with Warzone: Resurrection. However, since my last Warzone post there has been some change. I'm no longer playing Dark Legion. Another gamer in our garage group wanted to jump feet first into the Warzone world, and really wanted to sell his soul to one of the many Dark Apostles.
Unfortunately for Mitchel I had picked up our stockists last Dark Legions box. At the same time however my other favorite faction the Imperials really caught my eye. We made a quick deal and trade, and before you could shake a undead legioneers decaying limb he had plunged into the Dark Symmetry and I was down in the trenchers with the Imperial Ministry of War.

With the Imperial starter box in my hands I got to painting and here are the results.


Playing this game has been fantastic. Learning a new game and having other gamers enthusiastic about it has been so refreshing.